Answer a Survey/Form From Your External Website via our API

By leveraging our API, you can customize the front-end of your experience and capture data on your external website.

With our API, you can submit data to our various engines to process the business logic according to your settings.  A great way of putting data in the system is by using our Survey API to submit data to forms.

Start out by setting up a new form in PeopleVine and then create your replicate HTML version of that form (if you search for it, there's an article on how to leverage HAPI to generate a form's HTML).

Once your form is setup, you can now get your API application and credentials ready.  Go to the company menu and click on API Credentials and API Applications to set them up.  Then ensure you have an API user too.  In the end, you should be able to create your AUTH object as such:

API Username – XXXX

API Password – XXXX


Username - XXXX

Password - XXXX

Company_no - XXXX

When looking to submit data to our forms engine, you can reference the API details below: 

API Docs: 


 Sample Object to Include in Answers

{"survey_no": 3402, "survey_field_no": 11798, "survey_answer": "Jane Doe", "response_id": "<GUID>" }

 Sample Call

{"answers": [{"survey_no": 123, "survey_field_no": 567890, "survey_answer": "Jane Doe", "response_id": "<GUID>" },{"survey_no": 1234, "survey_field_no": 678901, "survey_answer": "Sample Company", "response_id": "<GUID>" }], "auth": {"api_username": "", "api_password": "", "api_key": "", "company_no": 0, "username": "", "password": "" } }

 Make sure the response_ID value is the same for all your answers.  This will allow us to group the data into a single response.

When looking to submit data to our CRM, you can reference the API details below:

API Docs: 

API Endpoint:

 "auth": {"api_username": "", "api_password": "", "api_key": "", "company_no": 0, "username": "", "password": "" }, "customer": {"email": "", "mobile_number": "", "first_name": "", "customer_type": "customer", "customer_status": "active", “attributes”: [{“attribute_value”: “Value Here”, “attribute_type”: “Group Name Here”}] } }

 Sample Object

"customer" {
     "email" '',
     "opt_in_email" true,
     "attributes" [{
          "attribute_value" "VALUE HERE",
          "attribute_type" "GROUP NAME HERE"

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