Combine Initiation and First Month/Year Dues into a Single Charge + Other Updates to Application Approval Flow

We updated the application approval flow to give you more control over charging your new members.

When marking an application to approved, you will notice the ability to select the action that occurs Upon Approving the Application.  

When selecting the default option (Charge Dues and Initiation Fee as Separate Charges), we'll do what we typically do, we'll charge the dues now and their initiation fee, in separate transactions.  This is ideal for memberships that have a higher fee per year and/or initiation fee.

The ability to combine into a Single Charge combines both the dues and initiation fee along with applicable taxes or fees into a single charge.

While you have the flexibility to charge the initiation fee now while you charge the dues at a Future Date.  Keep in mind if you don't want to charge an initiation fee, then leave it blank and we'll focus on the dues only.
There are some additional controls on the service that impact this flow, including Pro-Rating fees and the ability to not charge a service fee on the initiation fee while charging a service fee on the subscription.  You can edit this option by editing the service or membership and unchecking the box to not charge a service fee on the initiation or deposit while charging it on the dues each billing cycle.

These features provide full control over starting someone's billing journey as a member.  We support the following use cases:

  • Charging Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Dues
  • Charge or Not Charge an Initiation Fee
  • Charge a Service Fee on both the Dues and Initiation Fee
  • Charge a Service Fee only on the Dues
  • When Approving, Charge the Dues and Initiation Fee in Separate Charges (taxes and/or service fees too)
  • When Approving, Charge the Dues and Initiation Fee in a Single Charge (taxes and/or service fees too)
  • When Approving, Charge the Initiation Fee but set Dues to a Future Date
  • Handle Pro-Rated Billing
  • Split Payment amongst multiple processors

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