Going Global

Discover how PeopleVine's "Global Network" solution is set to revolutionize the hospitality industry by unifying brand experiences across multiple properties, whether globally or within a local region, offering members a seamless digital experience and granting operators unparalleled insights.

Global Network 

Today's guests and members are no longer confined by borders. Their aspirations and experiences span the globe, and they expect hospitality brands to do the same. As hospitality brands diversify and extend their reach both locally and globally, they must cater to these modern individuals who seek a unified experience across all properties, be it under different brand umbrellas or the same brand in varied global cities.

In an era defined by instant digital access and fluid customer expectations, hospitality brands are expected to provide an ever-present digital platform that allows guests and members to immerse themselves in their offerings seamlessly. Beyond the digital front, operational teams within these brands need insights. They yearn to truly understand who their guests and members are across every property, linking the vital data points that empower them to craft uniquely tailored experiences, garnering genuine loyalty.

Savvy brands place CRM at the heartbeat of their operations, utilizing technology to make informed decisions, driving higher revenue and sustainable growth.

Recognizing these needs, PeopleVine introduces the "Global Network" solution. This groundbreaking feature enables hospitality brands to deploy a unified app across their entire portfolio, regardless of location. It's not just an app; it's a passport. Members can effortlessly navigate through different properties under the brand's umbrella, feeling at home wherever they roam.

Moreover, this functionality gives local properties a 360-degree view of their guests and members. Every interaction, every data point from individual properties, converges into one comprehensive CRM profile.

The potential advantages for both members and operational teams are immense. At PeopleVine, we're thrilled to unveil this innovative feature, reaffirming our commitment to elevating the hospitality industry through cutting-edge technology.

Global Network: Unifying the Member Experience

  1. One Seamless App Experience:
  • Download a single app that showcases all locations within your portfolio, whether they're in the same city or spread globally.
  • Members associated with multiple clubs can view and engage with all clubs within one app. If a member is part of just one club, they're directed straight to that club's interface.
  • Each club's digital environment displays content, services, and branding relevant to that particular property.
  1. Global Profile:
  • Regardless of which club you're interacting with, there's only one CRM profile for each member. This profile consolidates data and payment information across all properties.
  • Book a spa appointment at one club and an event at another; all activities and payment details are centralized in the app.
  • As members interact across properties, preference and attribute tags are added, culminating in a comprehensive global guest or member profile.
  • Bookings from different locations are displayed chronologically, with filters for past and upcoming bookings.
  • Members can easily add bookings to their calendars.
  1. Global Wallet:
  • Introducing the "Global Wallet" – a system where members can save multiple payment methods, eliminating the need to re-enter details for different properties.
  • Differentiate payment methods for Food & Beverage or dues, with fallback to a default card if the chosen payment doesn't process.
  • Despite a global payment method, all charges are local to the property where they were incurred, and revenue remains local.
  • Property operators can activate global payments through Stripe processor settings.
  • Detailed billing statements offer clarity with views of refunds, pending payments, and more, available in the app or PDF format.
  1. Membership, Payments & House Accounts:
  • Enhanced member billing understanding and flexibility for varied services and amenities.
  • Operators receive advanced tools for payment collection and statement clarity.
  1. Data Consistency across Properties:
  • If two entities share the same attribute group names, those attributes will sync to the guest and member profile across properties. This ensures customer preferences are consistent throughout the network.
  • It's essential for operators of associated clubs or brands to harmonize attribute groups for seamless data collection and tag to member and guest CRM profiles
  1. Customizations:
  • Within the member account page, businesses can rename and customize menu items to align with their brand, service and amenities.
  • Peoplevine provides detailed guidance on optimal placements for logos or icons within the portal.

Operating multiple locations or planning to expand globally?

Whether it's different brands under one umbrella or the same brand worldwide, let Peoplevine help you unify your guest and member experience. 

Reach out today and discover how to establish a Global Network for your hospitality brand.

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Going Global

Discover how PeopleVine's "Global Network" solution is set to revolutionize the hospitality industry by unifying brand experiences across multiple properties, whether globally or within a local region, offering members a seamless digital experience and granting operators unparalleled insights.

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